Finding the Best Webinars about Forex Trading Online

forex webiners

For some people reading books, e-books (see our article on the topic) or researching economic news and practicing on a demo account might not be enough to learn the tricks of forex trading. Those who prefer to watch and listen to advice better will be looking for videos and Webinars about the subject to help them evolving as a trader. These tools might be useful to you even if you have never thought about it.

And more advanced traders can find valuable information in these materials to improve their skills. And the good thing is that it isn’t inevitable that you have to pay a lot for these resources.

You might find some for free!

But first let’s take a look on what exactly to look for!

Good topics for webinars

There are some parts of forex trading that are more suitable for video analysis and training than others. Talking about risk management, for example, might not be too interesting in itself but live day-trading can give you great insights on how a successful trader thinks.

Those should be the areas you focus on when searching for webinars, be it a free or premium resource.

The topics that fit webinars are:

  • Live trading (look for the little things and the habits of good traders, not necessarily the strategies)
  • Charting and Technical Analysis (also look for general clues, not exact strategies)
  • Trading Psychology (hearing the own words of good traders is invaluable)

Training videos and webinars for free

There are lots of resources that might be free for certain reasons and not just because they are of bad quality. As with e-books some brokers, analysts or other services might put up training videos or other video material to give value to their future customers or help them to achieve higher profits—and, in turn, more commissions for them.

Not surprisingly some of the best brokers have the best educational materials online, and live webinars too. A great example is IronFX with videos like this, and live events on a variety of topics, including markets, trading, and economics.

Other great webinars for Canadian traders by brokers include:

Lots of great tools even for more advanced traders from the basics.

A very good course and webinars are found on ThinkForex for the beginner trader with a simple and clean approach.

There is a short, but comprehensive course for beginners here covering the most important topics necessary to begin practicing.

Training videos and webinars that you have to pay for

If you have some money to spend on your education it should be spent wisely and be sure to check the free resources before you pay for information that might be available for free elsewhere.

You should do your research before you spend money on any of these webinars as you might find the knowledge elsewhere, in books or e-books, for example, for a lower price tag. Still if you are the type who learns better from someone the price you pay for these webinars might be well worth it.

Here are some examples of good webinars and courses available. You should use the offered free trials to get a grasp of the products.

  • Markettraders provides comprehensive, rather pricey, packages with training videos, quizzes, and other materials. Training videos are available in general currency topics, trading education (up to the expert level), and several other courses about different markets, like stocks and options.
  • Another rather expensive but great trading course is offered by SMB training in the form of 4-week courses, one-on-one sessions and professional mentoring. The training is quite general and gives you insights in more than just forex markets with an emphasis on trading psychology and market structure.
  • Alphatrends is a bit of an outlier because it is mostly focused on stocks but for the price it gives great insights to charting and technical analysis—readily applicable for forex markets too. And as I said charting and visual representation are probably the topics where webinars are the most useful.

There are numerous other resources with great tools, but I suggest that you use these only if you need to, nothing can replace experience so you should use demo accounts as your primary practice field. Developing your own style will be the key to success as a trader. Without you being ready expensive courses might just be a waste of time and money.