Trading Forex on Your Mac, IPhone, and IPad

forex on mac

Apple Inc’s products are gaining popularity steadily worldwide. After 2007 when the IPhone revolutionized the Smartphone market, the Apple ecosystem got another boost; a lot of users stick to these products considering all of their devices. That raises the question about forex brokers and their trading platforms’ compatibility with Mac OS and IOS.

The good news is that a lot (almost all) of the platforms have a Mac and IOS version but in today’s world when people use various devices to track their positions, and even to trade, seamless integration and mobile functionality is vital.

Let’s see what the best options are for traders in the Apple ecosystem!

Mac OSX Platforms

Meta Trader 4

The most widely used forex trading platform without a doubt is Meta Trader 4. Most of the market maker brokers use this system solely or beside their proprietary solution. For an Apple user, this platform provides a final resort—even if there is a problem with the company’s own platform.

The OSX version of MT4 has full functionality and is perfectly optimized for the operating system. Stability, which is crucial for trading, is great with very few issues like crashing or connection problems.

Mobile trading is also highly functional. Almost all of the trading and analysis methods are retained in the IOS version of MT4; this way you can continue trading on your IPhone and Ipad without having to worry about stability or your orders.

Although there are some platforms that may look better on Apple products the sheer value of the MT4 is second to none. And a great advantage is that if you change brokers for some reason you won’t need to learn a new platform in most of the cases; be it manual or algorithmic trading, your strategies and trading methods will be the same.

Proprietary solutions

For those brokers who don’t offer MT4 as an option, you have to check the platforms one-by-one. There are certainly great solutions out there with tons of special features that may not be present in MT4.

Social trading platforms such as eToro have distinct advantages over MT4 in some features, all readily available on Mac and IOS. But stability might be an issue; the optimization in the fragmented market of platforms is not easy for smaller firms to achieve.

Some useful tips to choose a broker with Apple devices

  • If you opt for a non-MT4 solution try to select one from the bigger companies, they usually have more stable platforms
  • Look for US-based companies—the highest penetration of Apple products is by far in the states. US brokers often concentrate much more on the Mac and IOS versions
  • Go through reviews of the proprietary platforms and don’t hesitate to open a demo account to try them

Recommended brokers for Mac users

Considering these factors here are some great choices, with some added headline features, both from brokers using the MT4 platform and those with their own solutions:

MT4 brokers

MB-Trading: Offering both market maker and ECN accounts, minimum deposit of $400

Oanda: no minimum deposit, low spreads, long history

FxPro: great product range, lots of functionalities, free VPS

IronFx: Check out our review 

Forex Broker Inc: Check out our review 

Brokers with proprietary platforms

E-toro: Check out our review 

Think or Swim: Award winning platform, lots of products, US-based broker

Interactive Brokers: Great platform, IOS preferred in mobile, lots of products, US-based broker

Plus 500: Check out our review 

Instaforex: Instatrader with great functionality, free VPS, low spreads


Whatever your choice will be I encourage you to try the platform before you decide—it’s free and can save you from having to pay for the experience!